Production title: Nemesis Eterna

Union / Non-Union: SAG/AFTRA Microbudget Agreement

Production Type: Independent

SPECIAL COVID-19 STATEMENT: Most roles are either voice-over recorded in actor’s own home or self-filmed with your phone/webcam or with pre-sanitized equipment provided by production company, (see breakdowns below). A couple of roles require exterior shots which are solo (no other actor present) and will be filmed by long range/remote/drone cameras so no direct contact will be used (see breakdown below). Only crew members with both doses of vaccine will assist with any equipment used near actors.

CGI will be used to combine actors in shots when needed.

We plan to vastly exceed COVID-19 safety guidelines so that this film poses no additional risks all cast and crew.

Project format: 4K Anamorphic Digital Cinema

Distribution: Global Festival Run, Event Theatrical and Physical media via Saturnscape Pictures

Production locations: Self-recorded actors and limited exteriors in Triad, North Carolina

Production company: Saturnscape Pictures

Production websites: & & Saturnscape Statement on Safety, Diversity & Inclusion:

Director : Stephen van Vuuren

Producer/Casting: SV2 Studios

Audition Location: Online

Email: (no phone calls)

Compensation: PAID + gross points + location meals + expenses for props, costume, makeup, self-shooting (varies by role, negotiated individually).

Auditions: January 12th until roles filled.

Call Backs: ASAP

Shooting Starts: January 2021

Shooting Ends: June 30th 2021 (approx.)

Synopsis: Experimental Sci-fi feature about a fifty-something, lonely remote IT worker obsessed with a Ukrainian marine biology student who discover that what has drawn them together is a grand coalescence of alien-human destiny, impending global annihilation and mysterious feminine forces in the Cosmos beyond all human comprehension.

Character Breakdowns (all roles paid)

  • Susan Williams [ALREADY CAST], FEMALE, LEAD, 40 to 70, struggling therapist employed by state government doing mandated therapy work for sentenced criminals. All scenes self-film via Zoom and GoPro (provided by production) in your home.
  • Paul DeVrees, WHITE MALE, LEAD. [ALREADY CAST], early 50’s, remote IT security consultant.
  • Stassia, college age, FEMALE, LEAD. CAST!
  • Voice-in-Head, LEAD, 18 to 55, FEMALE. CAST!
  • The Punk [ALREADY CAST], PRINCIPAL, androgynous appearance, person-of color i.e. non-white only, open to various gender identifications, 18-40. FILMING NOTE. Exterior filming on empty rooftop with remote/drone cameras.
  • Hacker X, PRINCIPAL, CAST!
  • The Entity, PRINCIPAL, CAST!
  • Skycast, PRINCIPAL, CAST!.






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  1. Mukesh Tyagi Avatar

    Impressive production and zppealing congr

  2. Cesar Perez Avatar

    Hello, my name is Cesar Perez and I came across the Nemesis Eterna through my agent. I went ahead and submitted through 800 casting online but it would not let me upload anything along with the submission. I think it just sent over my profile and there’s no way for me to send a recording of the sides for Hacker X. I know this is a low budget shoot but given how much the industry has been hit with the pandemic, I find it so refreshing to know there are still productions moving forward inn the safest possible manner. That being said, I am not only a credited actor on several big productions but also an audio/visual designer. Attached you will find a link to my website and some of my work. So Aside from auditioning for Hacker X and getting all the vocal effects done for you (help advance some steps), I can also help with any other set design or editing you may need. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon. God bless.

  3. Michael Avatar

    I am interested in the role of Skycast.
    Thank you
    Michael Tourek

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