Post-Production and New Look: Early 2023 Update

We hope all is well.  Just an update on post-production to catch everyone up. The film’s edit was paused for much of 2022 due to a disability suffered by the filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren, who has subsequently shuttered his shooting business and returned to school so as to teach filmmaking in the future. However, since his scholarly focus is screenwriting, one critical step of NE post-production did transpire: a completed draft and table read of the sequel, which will actually be a prequel to Nemesis Eterna. This step was crucial to continuing the Nemesis Eterna edit to ensure that the paired films will align correctly, since the second film’s events actually occur before the first film.

Not to worry: post-production on Nemesis is back in full-swing and will continue now until it is finished. There is a lot of VFX work to do, but we hope to have the film ready by the end of 2024.

Speaking of which, Stephen has finished the video edit of the opening 6 minute visual overture of the film, which has inspired this new look for the film’s key art and website.






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